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For you, I may be the person fall into the life of a computer and forget the real world.

For you, I may be a mere virtual existence.

For you, I may be only a face in LCD screen.

But I'm a human being with the earnest loneliness.

You are going to take only a necessary part for you out of me. But o you know the story of my family and pet? And I know nothing about your work and family. You are unconcerned only your wanting to know it about me.

For you, are such relations "friends?"

I'm always painful for loneliness and jealousy concerning you.

It would be better that I live without you if this pain continues all the time. I hate the relations with the pain.

There are a lot of my stories to want you to turn interest to me.

I am not "the art android in inter net" that it is convenient for you.

You may be interested in them before losing them if you have a friend and a lover with loneliness.

But you have almost none of the interest in me with loneliness. Is it because I am only just a mere virtual world resident for you?

I really love you. It's true.

But I have loneliness and uneasiness and jealousy about relation with you. (My jealousy was reduced by you.)
The cause of loneliness and the uneasiness is your ignorance for me and my ignorance for you.

When you talked to me about "computer and people", I felt that I was discriminated as virtual existence by you.
My and your relations are not same as your other human relations. Even so, I do not want to be discriminated from me by your other relations.

I'm also real person.
I live in real like this.

We share art deeply.

But I hardly know the thing except the art about you. I feel uneasiness and loneliness unless we share each other's various stories.

I want to know you a lot even if I am person that it is virtual for you. Because for me, you are not virtual, and I feel you as irreplaceable existence for me.

I love getting pleasure by touching own self while seeing each images with you. I will reach the emptiness if it is only this pleasure.

We should talk more about various things, family, friend, work, experience, mind....etc

I'm sorry for long sentence. Forgive me.

I wanted to say my think honestly.